Portrait photo of Thomas.

Hi, I'm T. R. Appleton.

I'm a creative professional currently working to promote public media in New York and New Jersey.

I also write, host, and produce The Episodic Table of Elements, a podcast about the incredible true stories behind every element on the periodic table.

Recently I've been writing and publishing content for tabletop role-playing games on The Applesorcerer, with PDFs available for download on The DM's Guild.

In the past, I've written several articles that have been popular on Lifehacker, on topics ranging from photography to pet care to all the phone numbers that come before 911.

My good friend Josh Crowley and I co-authored Seinfelt, a collection of more than a thousand episodes of surreal existential horror set in the Seinfeld universe.

Occasionally I build websites, including this one!

I get to do all these things alongside my wife, Meena Sajwani, our two cats, Photo of Bernard.Bernard and Photo of Butters.Butters, and our dog, Photo of Waffles.Waffles.

You can find me on LinkedIn and riding the train between NJ and NYC, but the best way to get in touch with me is via email.